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Give wings to your dreams

We are creators with immense potential to be who we want, have what we want and do what we want. When we do it from our heart space, it is magical and miraculous. Such is the power within us.

Yet the hidden and apparent wounds in our psyche slow us and stop us from living our full potential. One must be in darkness to see the light and the very place the wound is where your light will shine through.

If you are called to facilitate the empowerment of people in their true life path, through the gift of your own healing then our One-year program EmPower! might be the answer!

A few hours can change your outlook to life

See how you can restyle your life from the inside out.

Your dreams and desires when fulfilled become the legacy that you leave behind for those coming after you. As an experienced Life Coach I can be a catalyst to ignite your inner light, discover your true talents and potentials and release anything that may be blocking you.

Here we may use one or more of the following techniques:


Positive Intuitive Affirmations

Emotional Healing Technique/Tapping

Inner Child Retrieval

Trans-Generational energy flow

Past Life Regression (for curiosity and fun)

Future Progression


All of the sessions are based on the understanding of how life works by the Universal principles, especially the law of perception and emotions and the law of attraction and manifestation.


What I Specialize In

Miracle of Breath

Miracle of Breath

The journey to fulfilment begins with awareness and compassion for oneself. Begin yours today.

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Self-paced 3-week online Workshops

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Our inner world creates our outer world


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