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The ancient wisdom and practice of Shamanism hasn't lost its charm and value in the age of technology. The crux of Shamanism can be understood and practiced in your daily approach to life making your 


The following is covered in the workshop. 

• History, expanse and evolution of Shamanic culture 

• Awakening inner senses to heighten awareness 

• Learn to read, understand and balance energy within you and your surroundings 

• Make a deep connection with nature, elements, celestial bodies 

• Gain in depth access into the upper world and lower worlds

• Be a mediator between the spirit world and human world 

• Learn to facilitate soul retrieval and soul return for others

This is a 3-week online workshop. You will receive daily notes by email or Whatsapp from Monday to Friday. 

There will be 3 online interactive sessions over Google Meet, Saturday or Sunday.

Fees: INR7000/-

Here's what a participant said: 

Thank you so much, Anuja, for this introduction to Shamanism and the awesome meditations!  Simple, and yet very effective and powerful. Connecting to the Spirit that moves through the plant, animal and mineral worlds and acknowledging their help and support; knowing that soul retrieval and healing don’t have to be dramatic but can be subtle and gentle; understanding that it is Love that is the base of all relationships, acknowledging the “good” and the “bad” and moving forward on our inner journey. ....... Meena


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