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Gentle Birth

A smooth transition from womb to loving arms ensures a meaningful life ahead

As I began to practice Past Life Regression, I realized immediately that our gestational and birth experiences have a significant impact on our lives. Apart from the medical interventions that leave an impact, the parents' wellbeing, especially the mother's lifestyle and mental-emotional state, had a significant impact on the fetus. The negative imprints are seen to play out in later lives, often as life experiences that people grappled with. I saw it with me as well as my children too. This is precisely the reason why people seek help, and I am thankful to each of them who trusted me with their deepest fears and insecurities. Through inner journeys we reached a place of understanding and a turnaround. 


I had questions that popped up in my mind especially with regard to birthing experiences. “Can we not have better birthing experiences?" From my regression studies, I could clearly see a link that birthing and upbringing have in giving our ideas wings early in our lives. There was greater personal power in those individuals who had better birth experiences. We could be authentically happy from the beginning.


My questions and my conclusions led me to the one and only Barbara Harper in Florida. I attended her Gentle Birth Guardians workshop and Waterbirthing Workshop in 2012. Her presence, her work, the divine presence she brings into the classes and depth of knowledge gave me a fresh perspective to how I want to contribute to the way babies are born. 

Creating Awareness among New Parents

As a starting point, awareness is key. As more people come to know about it and more information is made available about the safety and possibility of taking ownership of giving birth to one's own child, I am hoping to encourage more women to come forward to experience a more natural way of giving birth.

Thank you Barbara, for your relentless work across the planet bringing gentle birthing and thereby gentle generations to various parts of the world. Joyfully dedicating this workshop in your honour!


  • News From Within

Through the blog, I intend to write about Gentle Birthing, Home birthing, Water Birthing, and offer first hand insights from people who had given birth or assisted birth in a more natural and gentle way. At some point in our evolution we gave in to the fears of losing lives at birth and shifted the birthing processes to medical premises. While medical attention and support are definitely desirable and at times crucial during pregnancy and at birth, the birthing process as such is not a medical event! Not all pregnancies and child-birth are medical procedures. What I hope to achieve is to restore faith in the woman, for her to be more aware and in charge of her body and its capabilities, and to lead the way to giving birth and let her child find its way into this world. Owning our natural power at the time of birth is an act of divine love.

  • Conscious Parenting Workshop

Conscious Parenting - Conception, Pregnancy and Delivery is a 3-week self-paced workshop to understand and invoke the power that a mother's love can have on the fetus. I strongly believe that birth is a natural process and is best allowed that way. Medical interventions can come in where necessary. But birthing can return to its natural status only when the couple, especially the woman trusts what her body and mind are capable of. The intelligence, love and creative powers that are inherent in us is limitless. 


Home Birthing

Home is where the heart is. Welcoming your baby in your home in the quiet presence of your loving family could be the greatest gift that you could give your baby as well as to your home. The divine portals that open up at the time of birth can be fully embodied by the mother, child and everyone attending to the conscious birth. Preparation, information, positive family support as well as trained professional support are required before one embarks into a home birthing journey. More importantly it must be a desire that sparks excitement.

Water Birthing

Since the baby had been cocooned in the warm fluids of the mother’s womb, transitioning into warm water has been seen to be gentle for the baby and very relaxing for the mother. The emotional experiences and the participation of the father in this process is manifold as one watches the natural instincts of the baby at play in a water birth. 

I feel more and more hospitals must include water birthing as part of their birthing process, with or without the presence of other family members. As a fitting start to bringing a pleasant and conscious experience for the mother, water birthing in hospitals or at least going through labour in water eases the mothers body.

Birthing Homes

As Srishti Bhoomi evolves from a concept to physical reality, it will be a beautiful creative space where babies can be born. We plan to have birthing homes that are supported medically in the Ayurvedic as well as Allopathic systems. Families are encouraged, educated and prepared to enjoy the natural process of bringing a new life into this world in a gentle manner. 

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