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It is no secret that the breath is an integral and important part of our lives. Our first breath indicates that life has started in the tiny body and our last breath says life has left our body. Breath aligns us with our inner self that knows everything and is guiding us to our greater experiences. 

Breathing Rhythm is a weekly gathering on an online platform. We play with breath, letting the breath take us to profound experiences that help us to relax, release and access inner happiness. The experiences that we have and share in the group help us to stay centered and grounded in our awareness while we enjoy our life. 

Life often comes up with surprising encounters that can shake us off our ground and this weekly meet acts as an anchor to know, release and process our experiences. Breathing restores and rebalances our system beautifully and naturally and is a great support system especially if you are going through a rough patch, including physical health.


Through the guided practice of breathing, we become more capable of handling our hidden emotions and learn to lead ourselves through the emotional ladder towards satisfaction and hope.

Benefits? A deeper trust in oneself and life, greater self-belief, happiness, clarity of thoughts, creative outpour, frisky and energetic body and an overall zest for life. You may experience much more that these!

You can experience Breathing Rhythm by joining us on Google Meet.

Sunday 4 PM or Thursday 7 AM. 


Fees: Rs.500/-

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