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Working Outdoors

Work Is Fun

The Philosophy

Work is Fun is an organizational learning space to help people realize their spiritual nature, discover hidden and unused talents, unleash unmatched creativity and bring out qualities and traits that transform workspaces to happy, growing and harmonious communities. The combined experiences that I have drawn in from various fields as an HR Business Partner, Coach and Facilitator inspired me to offer programs that nurture individuals and the environment around them. Understanding our spiritual nature and harnessing our innate energy is paramount to being a successful, balanced and fulfilled individual.


Being in the people management and development field for two decades, creating a unique platform like this to bring experiences and aspirations together was natural.  I have drawn inspiration from the following 

Learning to be in a team

Leading a team

Managing multiple teams

Training and coaching people

Having personal goals and vision

Tuning into the organization's goals and vision

Effectively and efficiently be cohesive players

Coaching individuals to manage teams or start their own businesses

What we offer

We offer individuals and organizations, programs and packages containing tools and techniques for enhancement and development of vital mental and emotional skills used in everyday personal and professional lives. These offerings help with self-development and group-work bringing the following desirable outcomes:

Here’s what I envision…. 

  • Self-realized and lively workforce

  • Pleasant and enlightened office spaces 

  • Happy and helpful employees 

  • Kindle creative fire in people

  • Nurture talents and skills beyond the work requirements 

  • Greater emotional intelligence and unique characteristics 

  • Organizational growth that is rich and meaningful 

Explore our individual self-paced program that offers greater insights into your role and work environment, uplevel our outlook, clarity and confidence from a core level through Leadership and Entrepreneurship.





People achieve a deeper understanding of the self, take ownership of one's emotions, desires and circumstances. They learn how to live and function from one's core energy to be an enthusiastic, satisfied and balanced individual. People gain more confidence to achieve their highest potentials and remove blocks that hinder them on this path. find a balance with work, family, friendships, leisure etc.


Drop us a message if your organization would benefit from our program, and we can leverage your growth! 

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