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Self Motivation


Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

EmPower! is a one-year Life Coaching Training program curated from Coaching and healing experiences over 15 years. Each one of us has creative and healing abilities that can be taken to the next level for our growth and for someone who could benefit from it. 

A Life Coach is a person who is ready to guide and facilitate the growth of another person by thoroughly understanding the various aspects of life and working on oneself from the core level. Essentially Life Coaches draw their expertise from their own wisdom and experiences coupled with the tried and tested tools and techniques. There is so much more to discover, experience and create. So, dream big, live full and love wholly, for there is a continual expression through you than you have ever imagined. 

What is covered:

The course covers the nuances of life through 4 approaches. 

  1. Life, Death and Beyond

    • Understand Spiritual Nature of life 

    • Appreciate the Evolution of Life, Death and other species

    • Stories that people carry beyond what is seen

    • Dimensions beyond the known

  2. Self-Awareness and transformation

    • Awareness tools and self-help techniques​

    • Process past life memories and spiritual experiences

    • Familiarize with our multidimensional nature and creator consciousness

  3. Holding a healing space for family and friends

    • Learn to hold a natural healing space 

    • Set energetic boundaries 

  4. Coaching professionally

    • Cultivate facilitator qualities

    • Multiple Healing Techniques

    • Cultivate Intuitive scripting abilities, centering, grounding 

Duration: One year

Training Approach: Hybrid blend of classroom and online classes, along with self-study at your own pace.

Methodology: Presentations, Healing Techniques, Guided meditation and visualizations, Introspective and interactive activities, Self-study, Worksheets and Courseware, Games and activities, Hands-on approach, Self-evaluation and participant presentations

Who can attend: Anyone over 18 years of age who is...

  1. Already practicing healing modalities 

  2. Wishing to take up empowering self and others through Counselling, Coaching and Healing

  3. Wishing to have a greater understanding of nature of life and human experiences

  4. Wishing self-transformation

Fees: On enquiry

Start Date: December 2022

Write to us for a detailed course prospectus to help you make a wise choice.

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