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Sacred Geometry is the creation and study of symbols and shapes and their unique energy and meaning that they bring to the users. It is created for beauty, energy and holds supreme healing abilities when utilized with awareness. From thought patterns to places of worship to living spaces sacred geometry can be found abundantly in nature.

In this workshop you will:

• Understand and connect to the sacred geometer of the Universe 

• Familiarize with existing sacred geometry that creates specific energy patterns, designs and ratios that is manifesting around 

• Understand natural and man-made holding patterns of the Universe 

• Expand your rigid patterns to create structured, flexible and fluidic shapes, sizes, colors and forms 

• Recognize your patterns of consciousness and emotions 

• Understand your true power and release the loop of reincarnation 

• Create your new life patterns with love and wisdom 

This is a 3-week online workshop. You will receive daily notes by email or Whatsapp from Monday to Friday. 

There will be 3 online interactive sessions over Google Meet, Saturday or Sunday.

Fees: INR7000/-

Here's what a participant said:

Thank you very much! 

As I was reading your notes, I was totally impressed with your knowledge on topics involving light, relativity, gravity etc. It is true that the vibrations of our thoughts and words carry the potential to shape our lives as they move across different dimensions and mediums. In this aspect, I would like to let you know that there is an underlying pattern of sacred geometry in your writing. There is harmony in the arrangement of your words. It's an art.

Great workshop! :)........ Senthil

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