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Trans-Generational Healing

This is a deeply powerful and balancing approach to looking at life through the eyes of your family soul. It helps to complete the process of belonging, balancing and restoring the order of love within the lineage. You can see this as a single approach to healing individuals, families, communities and nations. 

This three-week online workshop focuses on:

Understanding the generational dynamics of your lineage and their current impact on your health, relationships, career, finances etc.

Learning about Trans-generational Epigenetic Inheritance and Genetic Expression

Lessons from Constellaton Work and wisdom of the Family Soul

Alleviating personal difficulties that arise from larger disharmony and entanglements

Restoring energy flow from both sides of your ancestry to become a strong, enlightened and loving adult

Simple, powerful and effective practices and rituals that renew and replenish the flow of life force

This is a 3-week online workshop. You will receive daily notes by email or Whatsapp from Monday to Friday. 

There will be 3 online interactive sessions over Google Meet, Saturday or Sunday.

Fees: INR7000/-

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