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Inner Journeys

Each one of us has something unique to share with the world. It may or may not be tangible, but it sure brings great satisfaction to the giver and the receiver. We take different roles and weave through different circumstances to express our excellence.

“I have been married for over 17 years and would love to have a child.” A lady in her late 30s said when she came for sessions. Two years later she sends me a text saying, “I’ve been blessed with twin daughters, and I wanted to tell you about it first.” Feedbacks like these just tell me what I am doing is working.

All issues start and end within our energy field. Since we are the creators of our life, we also hold the power to shift and transform the situations within and around us, thought by thought, day by day. Through Inner Journeys I help a client reinvent their best version by guiding them to their true value and goals with clarity.

When a client’s family member  took time to write a thank you note, I simply knew that my approach was helping not only the people who come to me but also their loved ones.

I use breath and intuitive guidance to lead people through their inner explorations. We may touch upon past lives (yes, I am trained in Past Life Regression), or release negative childhood imprints. Clients have been able to align with their inner selves from where the blessings come. 

Shadow work and intuitive healing help understand, and manage emotional situations like depression, bipolar symptoms, anxiety and panic, anger, morbid fears and unexplained feelings. People are encouraged to listen to their own wisdom and learn to take charge of thoughts and move up the emotional scale.

“I have everything a person could possibly want in life, yet I can’t seem to be happy”, said another person. After a few sessions, she found renewed passion to pursue an idea into a home business. For the Diwali that followed, she sent me a hamper of exquisite handmade soaps that delighted me and my family. 

I guide people past their barriers and to their core space where the solutions reside. We work together to deconstruct their issues and find optimistic thoughts that would take them toward their dreams, desires and visions. 

If someone comes without a vision, then I nudge them to begin dreaming their life with a series of introspective questions that bring out a unique combination of their latent talents, skills and qualities. They can now begin to embark on their fulfilling lives. 


Do you want to explore your greater self?


Fee for a session: INR.3000/-

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