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Meet Anuja

Life Coach, Mentor, and Workshop Facilitator

Since childhood I had this innate desire to be happy and live a peppy life. Trying out new things and taking a few risks were fun. My zest for life always had me questioning the way life works out for each of us.


 From my experiences I knew that we are guided by an unseen energy (or energies) and I studied scriptures, explored past lives and engaged in spiritual studies. I learned two things that changed the foundation of my life.

  • We are spiritual beings on a human journey.

  • We create our life with our thoughts.


The coaching and mentoring sessions that I facilitated in the past decade and half helped to see that this approach simply works. I facilitated workshops on various life topics and was invited to varied platforms.


My work across ethnicities, gender and age encouraged people find their inner happiness, their zest for life and their creative thinking place. 

There is no limit to the human potential, and my desire to ignite the inner light in others has only grown over the years. When I started my practice, I called my workspace Inner Light. Now I am extending my reach far and wide to see more fulfilled people and set up creative communities.


My weekly blog speaks more!

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