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Power of Human Body

Collective belief says that the body grows old and dies. The truth is far from that. The human body is actually designed to last forever. The body is a storehouse of intelligence and information from our experiences. It has the power to restore and maintain a healthy balance and more. 


The workshop covers the following:

• The innate wisdom and gifts of the cells 

• Energy of the different organs 

• Listen to the body and feed the body with the right thoughts and food

• Use emotions to understand the body's needs

• Understand what causes disease and death 

• Restore health no matter what the condition 

• Change your cellular memory 

• Maintain optimum health

• Be the essence that resides in your body

When you master your own body, you are immortal! 

This is a 3-week online workshop. You will receive daily notes by email or Whatsapp from Monday to Friday. 

There will be 3 online interactive sessions over Google Meet, Saturday or Sunday.

Fees: INR7000/-

This is what a participant said:

This is a wonderful workshop, Anuja.

You have opened our eyes to many new dimensions, and we are now looking at life with renewed vigour. It will take a few more repeated readings, contemplation and practice to get deeper into this and realize lasting benefits. You have shown us the doorway to a large body of knowledge. - Ramshankar

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