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The Purpose of our life

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Our purpose of life is the best area for us to direct our talents and our inclinations that brings greatest fulfillment. It is often not a planned part of our life, but an organic coming together of circumstances, events and our inner calling. The gifts that are bestowed upon us when meticulously crafted and put together represents our destiny. It is directly opposed to the things that we do as part of our duties which feel much more restrictive and commonplace.

When we are living our purpose, life becomes easier. It feels like a doorway has opened and you enter a phase of life that feels like home. Even our duties and responsibilities feel like a flow.

A sum total of our past

We are the sum total of our past experiences, not just in this lifetime but also the many lives and dimensions we have experienced. When your experiences reach a point of saturation, you step into the larger unknown and move toward a point that promises greater fulfillment.

Karmic bindings may tighten and so also the lessons, and it may not feel easy. Emotions run rampant and you may feel that you have lost control of yourself and your life. Relationships may feel alien and disconnected. You might want to spend more time in solitude with your own thoughts and emotions and battle with loneliness even in the presence of others. Yet, when completed, the lessons processed, skills learned, and talents developed bring deep fulfillment and inner strength.

We benefit from the good work we have done in our past lives and that assists us in the here and now. Through many life circumstances and perhaps many cycles of repetitions you have arrived at this purposeful place for your highest good.

When the energy of your life purpose descends, your schooling part is over, and lessons are being assimilated. It's like a graduation certificate that you honour yourself with. Your intuition and awareness are heightened, and you have a trust in yourself and life that you cannot explain to anyone. You are ready to take actions based on your insights toward a greater destiny. At this time, you are clear about where you want to be and what you want to do.

You will simply be assisted by your past life imprints and karmic connections whether you are aware of it or not. Memories of previous lifetimes tend to alter the course of your life, but they are providing you with soul level reinforcement, support, and movement forward.

You may be plagued by self-doubts, but you are helped and guided at every corner that take you by surprise. Your receptivity has opened up too and you begin to realize the greater presence of a non-physical guidance in your daily life. Your deepest darkest loneliness has given way to a deeper connection with your true self.

Meeting your tribe

As you embody the endless spirit of life, you begin stepping out of your comfort zone by taming your inner demons in order to listen to your soul's calling. You do not hesitate in making inner transformations and letting go of attachments. You stay in your core energy and choose not to engage with people or conversations that do not uplift either you or them.

When stepping into your purpose, you meet people whom you have known over many past lives, perhaps a soul family where bonds form very quickly. You tend to take on a larger view of your life, which not only emphasizes your talents, but aligns your talents with like-minded souls. They may be friends, community members, clients or students.

In the beginning these kinds of relationships may not last, and may feel like tests, but they surely offer you opportunities to hone your skills gracefully and vice versa. You may get attached to them and may have expectations too, but they may have come by to inspire a deeper connection with your soul. Unless we live from the core of our being, how can we enjoy soulful connections?

Bear in mind that swift shifts and changes are also bound to happen. For instance, a relationship with someone who has ‘destiny’ spelled all over him or her, may suddenly walk into your life. If so, this relationship will start rapidly and be life-altering. It need not be romantic, but can turn out to be a fantastic friend, teacher or even a business partner.

Through all these relationship challenges you are actually finding more of your desires, needs, qualities, abilities, talents, skills, and strengths. The other side of all the pain, shortcomings and inadequacies is a wealth of capabilities and possibilities.

You may find that you are comfortable working with youngsters and understanding the old. As your heart opens and your wealth increases, generosity and charity feel natural. You may feel drawn to a cause, not as an activist, but as a joyful facilitator because you are deeply aware of your inner resources and trust that answers are available here and now.

A new sense of freedom

In this inspired phase of your life, you notice that your life is expanding, and opportunities pour in swiftly, often catching you quite by surprise. Things start developing suddenly but there will still be many loose ends to be tied. You will feel that luck is on your side with a leaning toward greater things.

Your purpose of life is an invitation to your soul’s expansion, of balance and conclusions and brings the 'rewards' of your karma. Your foundation bring you inner strength even when others are playing games with your heart.

You begin to have a strong sense of being right and learn to stand firm in your conviction however rocky and wrong things look to the outside world. Like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow you find undiscovered talents and fulfillment even in small things in life.

You now begin to enjoy being in the flow and have an innate trust in destiny even though you are seeing the great unknown. Self-awareness and discipline help to balance the new energy that is emerging within you to your daily life. You often encounter meaningful exchanges and value inner peace and balance over anything else.

Your purpose need not be philanthropic or altruistic in a global way. You may be the reason someone laughed after many days, sometimes it's a compassionate glance or gesture. Perhaps you held a tripping passerby and averted a fall. When you are tuned in and radiating Source energy, your mere presence simply brings a breath of fresh air.

Time factor

There is no shortcut to reaching this place of realization nor can you race to this point. No one can push you ahead of time. The time taken to move through this process and come to a sense of direction depends upon the individual. In truth it isn't the time, but your alignment with your source that matters here. It is a natural evolution and a combination of many circumstances that stimulate a transition to soulful living.

Little by little you learn to come to terms with uncertainties and the unknown. You are no longer playing the roles or wearing the masks that others want you to don. The realization that uncertainties and death are two inevitable realities of life begins to strengthen the bond between you and your inner self. Every day in every way you release your deep fears and insecurities to trust life and have faith in the process of eternal life.

Time for new beginnings

It is also a fortuitous time to start a business or other ventures that will bring in an income. Whatever it is, fun, creativity and optimism, are bound to be a part of it. You will feel less limited, and your goals and plans will have far-reaching potential, beyond the ordinary.

It becomes easier to work with others because you have owned your emotional space and inspire others too. You begin taking the path of least resistance as your adaptability and flexibility expands.

If you are working in an organization that you are not enjoying, your tenure may end quickly, and you will find yourself in a much more stable and suitable position. If the energy is used properly, it will promote greater optimism and prosperity. Your income and wealth are also likely to increase.

Your unique leadership commands a kind authority and you are willing to explore others' ideas for expansion and growth. You may get opportunities to travel extensively or relocate in order to explore and discover profound truths about you and life. You may also find that your craft or presence is valuable and needed in a different location too.

Your true strength and wealth

The things you now fall back on are not your financial investments or relationships. It is a collection of qualities, attributes, skills and talents that are gathered from many lifetimes.

Your foundation for future success is no longer your achievements but the subtle power that resides within and is growing day by day. Even in situations that are defeating, you consider the other side and acknowledge their part in your discovery of inner power.

At this stage of your life, you enjoy being a gift to your world. You trust your wisdom and optimism becomes your second nature. At every corner a stroke of good luck awaits you because your presence is valuable and the Universe responds accordingly. You can be assured that destiny has a place in all your situations. Imagine graciously being in the right place and right time for yourself and others.

In essence, the true purpose of our life is being happy, having fun, finding our goodness and our potential. If we can figure that out, life will propel us to places, people and circumstances that we find fulfilling, day after day.


About Anuja

In her coaching and mentoring sessions, Anuja applies two approaches that bring results. "We are spiritual beings on a human experience. We create our life with our thoughts. " She believes that we are guided by an unseen energy (or energies)

Her work across ethnicities, gender and age encourages people find their inner happiness, zest for life, creative thinking and tap their unlimited potential. Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, Breathwork and Tapping are some of the techniques she practices.

She facilitates workshops on various life topics and gets invited to varied platforms. Apart from coaching, training and blogging, she is also passionate about cooking and travelling. She is currently writing her first book.

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