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The Magic of New Beginnings!

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Writing was never my forte. At least that’s what I thought.

In 2007 a thought bloomed in my head, sprouting into a desire to pen down my conscious thoughts. I had some visions of me writing articles, but I did not know how they would materialize.

In this article I am sharing the idea behind News From Within, what my observations on life have been and how you can have a fresh start everyday.

This article looks at:

Why and How I Started News From Within

Life’s roller coaster ride distracted me from taking my ideas forward. Much like extreme amusement park rides, mine offered the thrills and shrills paired with new perspectives and delights.

I stepped off the ride with a level of excitement I’ve never felt before. Wanting more, I started perceiving reality from an optimistic and creative headspace.

When I say creative, it’s not limited to art and design but the creative thinking possibilities that make life rich and significant. More experiences meant more learning, growth, and joy. It ultimately rekindled my spark for writing.

News From Within captures my viewpoints and insights that may inspire you to discover new facets in you. My open approach to life helped not only me, but hundreds of friends and clients. So I hope you will find them helpful too.

Let’s get into what I’ve discovered in life.

My Observations on Life

People know me now as a Life Coach and mentor and this journey began when I started facilitating Past Life Regression.

People shared their innermost secrets and found relief. They trusted me and bared their hearts and minds, sometimes while being guided through an inner journey and at other times during our conversations.

Often, I could help them get a bird’s eye view of what was happening.

Being a channel for their peace opened my heart to compassion, surrender to the depths of inhumanness and the heights of accomplishment. Divine orchestration was clearly at play and was my greatest encouragement to continue the work.

Here are some interesting points that I noted:

  • Each one of us is born unique with differing characteristics, temperaments, qualities, skills, talents, desires, outlooks and approaches to life that makes us stand out.

  • Since our birth and surroundings affect our psyche and vice versa, the best way to find our way through life is by trusting our feelings and intuition.

  • Everything that we are ‘looking for’ outside, is in reality a connection to a significant part of us, our divinity. We are creators and we are constantly creating with our thoughts.

When we understand our place in this Universe, our knowledge and power makes everything not just possible but progressive.

Not everyone had opportunities and supportive families that helped them explore their highest potential. Yet even our negative situations can open doors to amazing experiences if we are aligned with the ‘Source of Life’ within us.

I found that all of us can be happy, creative, and successful if we want to and I’d like to take you along on that journey with me to find the legendary Ithaca (The kingdom within).

In fact, it all starts from within.

We are not just human beings who look inward for a spiritual understanding, but spiritual beings who are enjoying human life. It is this lack of understanding or the gap in perspective that often stands in the way of our life.

When we learn to see life from our soul’s perspective, our experiences become wholesome, our days are filled with meaningful stories, and every person becomes a co-traveler in our adventure.

So how do we go about making a fresh start?

How to Make a Fresh Start

The power of the present moment is unfathomable, and every moment can be a starting point.

Everything we are experiencing now is a result of our past experiences and everything we are thinking now defines our future. The best way to own this power is to start as soon as you wake up because we are closer to the “‘Source of Life”’.

I often ask my clients and participants to look in the mirror every morning and tell themselves “Today is the first day of the rest of my life and that I am going to make the best of it.” You can also appreciate your qualities and encourage yourself.

Isn't it nice to know that every day is a new beginning, a blank canvas on which you can paint what you want to experience?

So, start with a splash of love, add some squiggles of curiosity, a few strokes of warmth, some sprinkles of playfulness, some colours of inspiration, abundant touches of optimism and large smears of fulfillment.

Look forward to a beautiful theme playing out each day. When things turn out as you anticipate, you will love being the happy creator of your life and you’ll want to curl up in bed at night feeling the satisfaction of a day well planned and well lived.

To Wrap Up

You could pull up the sentences in italics and tell them every morning for the next one month and see the difference. I hope you will discover the subtle magic around you as you become aware of how your thoughts become your reality.

Through News From Within I hope to share with you some tips, tricks and games that make life an enjoyable journey.

Posts will be short, with information that can be understood and absorbed with a few minutes of reading.

Here’s wishing you a magical new beginning from News From Within and I will see you in the next post.

I believe in the magic of myself. I trust that everything I want already exists energetically. There is magic in new beginnings!

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About Anuja

In her coaching and mentoring sessions, Anuja applies two approaches that bring results. "We are spiritual beings on a human experience. We create our life with our thoughts. " She believes that we are guided by an unseen energy (or energies)

Her work across ethnicities, gender and age encourages people find their inner happiness, zest for life, creative thinking and tap their unlimited potential. Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, Breathwork and Tapping are some of the techniques she practices.

She facilitates workshops on various life topics and gets invited to varied platforms. Apart from coaching, training and blogging, she is also passionate about cooking and travelling. She is currently writing her first book.

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