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Exploring Our Source

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Source energy is continuously flowing to us all the time

Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment chop wood and carry water.

A Zen saying.

When I was around 9 years old, I came across these lines in Malayalam which translated roughly to,

Limitless, unknown, indescribable

The path on which this globe is turning.

Man, Sitting in an obscure place on it

And watching, what does he know?

What could he know? ….(by Nalapat Narayana Menon)

I read the lines and looked up at the blue evening sky and the passing white clouds, wondering what they really are? Why am I here? What am I doing here?

There was a part of me trying to make sense of my body and everything around me, and a part that was so at home with the words I just read. Thoughts like these crossed my mind as I tried to understand the world, the people and our actions.

As I moved through life, especially the crucial moments, I usually had a feeling of inner knowing, a feeling of certainty and a soft happiness that emanated from inside me.

This, I understood later, was my connection to the Source within me.

In this article let us see

What is Source?

Source is the primal energy of the Universe from which everything originated. Our life-force energy emanates from Source. It is the all encompassing, all pervading infinite intelligence. It is the creative energy that flows through all beings, a loving glue that bonds all of us. We call it God, Creator, Tao and by many such names.

Imagine a limitless field of infinite possibilities. Somewhere in this vastness an awareness birthed itself as you. You may become aware of this energy and consciousness that existed even before you took birth in this body. Perhaps you may feel your soul within.

This experience is not just my isolated experience, but something that I have also read and heard from many including some of my clients. This version 0.0 of us, still exists within us in its infinite intelligence and endless possibilities. We have personalized it, institutionalized it and created a righteousness around it.

What separates us from Our Source?

From this eternal, indestructible vastness we began a different experience and thus began the separation. Life on earth is like a game of challenges whereby souls slip into tiny forms of different species, grow, learn, explore, experiment, create and then one day, die and reunite with the eternity. The good news is that we can enjoy this eternal connection and fulfillment while in the body.

The greatest challenges of the game of humanity are:

  • We forget that we are eternal beings with infinite potential.

  • We choose to limit ourselves into a tiny body.

  • We challenge ourselves to remember that we are Source in the human body through our experiences.

What fun is any game without rules and challenges? It is these rules and challenges that precisely make a game interesting and fun. They inspire us to persevere and bring out the best in us. It is our zest to succeed and put out our best that makes us want to practice till we are good at it.

If we begin to see our separation from source energy as a deliberate choice that we made, then reconnecting becomes purposeful. The clarity and wholeness that we have lost is what we are figuring out through our inward journey.

Our feeling at any moment indicates our Source proximity. Happiness, joy, calm, peacefulness, serenity, tranquility, ease, comfort, inspiration, eagerness, aliveness, optimism are some indicators of being aligned.

It goes without saying that sadness, depression, despair, helplessness, anger, panic, anxiety, frustration and the like are indicators that we snapped!

When we approach life differently from the way Source sees it, we feel negative emotions. When we feel good, we are in alignment with our inner self.

Exploring God-force

Athletes, artists and creative people are good examples of people who take up an idea and perfect it. Every athlete and artist can speak about being in the ‘zone’. They are in tune with Source energy when they are putting out their best performances.

Gurus and new age teachers stream Source energy knowingly and stand as inspirations to bring the love and wisdom into our hearts and homes.

As humanity evolved, more people began to restore and reclaim this union. It is good to soften our limiting beliefs of our unworthiness and move beyond our fears and guilt to own and enjoy our true origins.

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Source expands its benevolence when something bad or wrong happens. Source does not judge or condemn anything or anyone because life experiences help us grow. Merging with Source isn't reserved for a select few, it is available for all.

Love is always raining on us and around us all the time. The less we condemn the more we can be centered in our own energy. The less we give power to others the more we feel our strength.

Source is all encompassing and all pervading. Appreciating people, things, circumstances and events, align us to Source. Source loves everyone and everything and is always calling us towards love.

How to StayTuned

Hooking to our central space is something that we can practice. Circumstances may topple your emotional balance but your practice will help you regain your stability and eventually realign with your own wisdom.

  • As humanity explored being disconnected from Source, every culture and religion kept this truth of Source alive through rituals and practices. The primary purpose of all places of worship is to remind us of our divinity. Deities are guides who willingly and joyfully help our human experience.

  • Meditation, conscious breathing and other self-healing techniques are ways to sustain. The desire to stay tuned in to one's own zero point has escalated to such high levels in the last decade or so, that so many teachers teach Meditation.

  • Nothing compares to the shift in our own awareness. Most of my clients have presented an issue that has disconnected them from their core and as the session progresses they often reconnect to their inner space. The descriptive experiences vary, but almost all of them report a feeling of euphoria, feel good and/or clarity. The job now is to discourage thoughts that disconnect and begin thinking Source-like.

  • Nature stays true to Source and the joyful calm we feel near a water body or jungle reflects this truth. Pets have become commonplace and gardens are blooming in all spaces. Our innate knowledge whispers to us that animals and plants are consistently tuned in to Source energy and their presence have the potential to evoke and stabilize our connection too.

  • Soulful music, a heart to heart conversation, stories and poetry too have the power to soothe us back to our place of origin.

  • It's all about remembering to feel our way back home. When we feel negativity, we can be kind and gentle with ourselves. Only when we care for our peace and satisfaction can we extend ourselves to others. Judging or feeling upset about other's misbehavior disconnects us!

  • It helps to note that people who drink and use substances are seeking this connection, although it is detrimental and short lived.

An experience of the energy and consciousness of source within us feels expansive. Often words cannot describe it, that often people just say it feels so good. Once you have tasted god-force within you, you sort of become addicted to it and you want more of it until it is lasting.

Moving beyond our limitations

Source experience nudges us to keep transforming our limiting thoughts that created our human conditions. All situations come up for scrutiny. We have a choice to change and evolve or remain in our current limited perspective. Choices differ from person to person because we have unique individual paths that call for no outside comparison, judgment or opinions.

The presence of loved ones, animals, children or flowers can make us happy or unhappy. We either praise them or blame them. With Source nexus we can choose what we allow.

Enlightenment is a natural transition. We are not human beings looking for spiritual ways of living but spiritual beings having a human experience. This shift in perspective opens the doorway to the highest good within us.

When divine union is established, you feel free to leave others to explore theirs too. Unshakable stability, unfailing love, unbending intentions and unending creativity are divine gifts that make the foundation for a fulfilling life.

Squabbling family, betraying partners and meaningless friendships no longer shake us. Failing health, work and finances do not feel like impediments. In fact, the energy and consciousness of our Source become resources that can turn around any situation for the better. We find ourselves at the right place with the right people living a beautiful life.

We come to the ultimate realization that we are our own creation and our creator. There is only one feeling, love! Everything begins to feel good and we become comfortable with the limitless, unknown and indescribable life-path.


About Anuja

In her coaching and mentoring sessions, Anuja applies two approaches that bring results. "We are spiritual beings on a human experience. We create our life with our thoughts. " She believes that we are guided by an unseen energy (or energies)

Her work across ethnicities, gender and age encourages people find their inner happiness, zest for life, creative thinking and tap their unlimited potential. Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, Breathwork and Tapping are some of the techniques she practices.

She facilitates workshops on various life topics and gets invited to varied platforms. Apart from coaching, training and blogging, she is also passionate about cooking and travelling. She is currently writing her first book.

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