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Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting - Conception, Pregnancy and Delivery

Becoming a parent is a biological act, but parenting is a deliberate responsibility of bringing a soul to life, and agreeing to be a guardian until they find their foothold and wing to create a life that are beyond what we dreamt. With more awareness young people are making better choices including connecting with the incoming souls that would be their children.


This workshop covers the following:

Prepare the body, mind and spirit to usher in the new life

  • Recognize and heal your and spouse's inner child issues 

  • Bond with spouse for comfort and support

  • Understand conscious conception, pre-birth communication and establish your spiritual connection with baby

  • Circles of love 

  • Release fears and concerns

  • Make choices regarding medical support and preparation during pregnancy and delivery

  • Manage post-partum depression, if any, with awareness

  • Breathing exercises, affirmations, relaxation techniques, exercises and movements for enjoyable birthing experience

This is a 3-week online workshop.

You will receive daily notes by email or Whatsapp from Monday to Friday.

Plenty of activities to understand and integrate daily topics

There will be 3 online interactive sessions with Guided Meditation over Google Meet, Saturday or Sunday.

Fees: INR7000/-

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