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Srishti Bhoomi

Srishti Bhoomi is a concept community of thought leaders, professionals, experts and enthusiasts who dream of a natural way of life, that balances technology, innovations, art and academia in a conducive environment. 

Here we hope to create an unconditional mini-world of sustainable possibilities that lead to self-sufficiency, growth, happiness and harmony. Essentially we are looking at ecological and modern tiny-houses, and biophilic buildings, organic farming, forests and food forests, renewable and alternative sources of energy, research facilities, life schools, handmade and natural products to name a few!

People are our primary resource. For inner healing and happiness we have breathing pools, learning halls and healing rooms. As we unleash our creative possibilities in our Creative Rooms, we would see amphitheatres, Organic food forests, orchards, flower farms and herb gardens. How about Butterfly gardens, open aviaries, Duck ponds, small water falls, coracle rides and picnic tables. Perhaps even open lands, nature trails, climbing, star gazing. 

Sustainability and self-reliance are our core principles upon which the various interwoven projects are coherently built. Small mills, factories and production units would design, manufacture and promote unique and organic homemade products that are made with items sourced from within Srishti Bhoomi. We aim for surplus that is gladly shared. Abundant resources that are grown and established here are the result of spirited minds coming together to create new ways of living.

Our alternate energy sources depend on solar, biogas, wind, water and renewable energy. Rainwater water harvesting recycling and upcycling plants, use of eco friendly vehicles, incinerators, compost and mulch making, technology that supports nature are some.

With so much possibilities we wish to open our space to young minds with our residential Life Schools, where  children hold their unique inner light bright and learn the topics of their choice along with valuable knowledge of the human body, environment and the systems prevalent in our times. Library, art gallery, hostels and dormitory would provide support here. For leisure and physical activity I envision indoor and outdoor sports fields for popular as well as forgotten/lesser played games.

A place to live, laugh, create and grow. Oh and yes, this is where I would like babies to be born. So birthing homes too! We encourage home births where possible and would love to introduce Waterbirthing to ease the birthing process. In our birthing homes women can experience the true power of giving birth to one’s child surrounded by near and dear ones along with full medical facility supported by the combined power and knowledge of Allopathy as well as Ayurveda.

We have a dynamic vision and further goals for the world at large as we establish ourselves , grow and prosper. 

If you found these concepts relatable and feel pulled to be part of Srishti Bhoomi or collaborate through learning and establishing feel free to connect. 

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