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Language of the Soul

One in every 5 Indians is multilingual, meaning they can speak more than one language. Despite multiple languages at home we are also drawn to foreign languages. With over 7000 languages in the world, there is no dearth of communication possibilities. Yet there are times when we don't know what to say and we don't know how to say it, we say it wrong, and sometimes incomplete. Often we want one thing and we receive something different.

This gap in external communication is a reflection of our inner communication with the source of our life. We are born with the ability to communicate from our soul but as we settle into a world that is tuned to everyone else and everything else. We begin to forget the Language of our soul.

Some understand the language of their souls better than others, yet we can all re-learn and understand our souls' whispers better with daily awareness. We know when to speak and when to be quiet, what to say and whom to say. We also learn the power of our silence. The language of the soul is a subtle yet vibrant radiance coming from a place of blissful clarity and impeccable purpose.

Here let us see 8 different ways in which our soul speaks to us, how to interpret them and eventually master them.

Wisdom of the body

Our body is a sensory organism that sends constant signals of wellbeing as well as that of imbalance. Bodily sensations indicate our maintenance needs like hunger, thirst, sleep, imbalances like diseases and illnesses as well our well-being through feelings like peace, happiness, vitality and exuberance.

Body is also picking up high frequency signals from our inner world that we sometimes hear as ringing of the ears, or a high-pitched sound that often fades away. These are cosmic signals that we are ready for. There isn't anything we specifically need to do, but a mere acceptance is good to start with. Meditation and deep relaxed breathing help to integrate the new frequency naturally. The balance of our energy is indicated by the way we feel.

If we panic and resort only to medical treatments without accepting the flow of spirit it can result in an imbalance of energy within. You may notice a loss of balance, vertigo or frequent falling that indicates this imbalance of energy.

The body also keeps the score of past experiences and so chronic diseases and recurring conditions are our body's invitation to give deep attention to an unresolved past. Along with treatment, a shift in one's awareness and beliefs is also called for. The primary purpose of taking on life in a body is to establish your unique soul fragrance.

A quiet body and mind are prerequisites for hearing the whispers of your soul. Deeply listening to our body initiates cellular memory that can heal the wounds of the past as well as evoke the innate intelligence of our cells.


An inner knowing that presents itself with no basis of previous information or supportive understanding is intuition. Most children are intuitive and so are many adults. This one quality itself is enough to change the way we live our lives.

For every problem there are infinite solutions and if we are tuned to our inner self our intuition gives the best possible solution. Innate abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience are offshoots of intuition. Most research and innovative ideas appear as intuitive thoughts in somebody’s mind. When we entertain such thoughts with courage, they become a product or service that humanity benefits from.


Being impulsive is often considered a shortcoming, when in truth it is a prompting from our inner self. Anything that moves life force energy forward and outward is a welcome impulse. We can listen to our impulses and understand the energy of soul movement.

When we take action on the impulse without proper basis, it may backfire. This is the reason we feel lost for being impulsive. If we learn to listen to our inner urges and just sit with the energy, then we learn to build up enough enthusiasm and eagerness and to take action at the right time. As we become adept with it, our spontaneity improves, and we build trust in ourselves. Doubts disappear and clarity ensues.

You may have an impulse to follow someone on social media, or to call a friend, or to go to a different part of the house or to open a bag you haven't opened in many months only to find a missing piece of information or something that was lost. Make a habit of following your impulses where it feels safe and do not regret it or put yourself down for doing it. The underlying perk is the free-flowing momentum of soul expression.


How often do you try to suppress your emotions? Have you noticed that you are sometimes afraid of your own emotions? We are uncomfortable with love, and sometimes fear our fulfillment and happiness. Truth is that emotions are a sign of whether we are tuned to our inner self or not. Negative emotions tell us that we are disconnected from our Source and positive emotions indicate a good direction. You can choose to become aware of and transform your thoughts to have a more cheerful and lighthearted outlook.

Unexplainable emotions that are chronic are a sign of healing that is naturally happening. This is also true for emotions that surge unexpectedly. You could breathe deeply and offer yourself some consoling and optimistic words. If it lasts long or intensifies you could take help from a healer/life coach.


Feeling other people's emotions is another way in which your soul is giving you hints. You either feel a resonance or you feel a discord. Empathy helps you to understand the intentions behind people's actions and the stories behind their behaviors. The trick here is to shift your perspective to a love-based understanding rather than making enemies and villains out of others.

Empathy helps to see what you want and what you do not want. It helps to make better decisions and clearer choices. It also encourages you to change your own beliefs that caused the negative feelings in the first place.

To help understand this better, let's take the recent earthquake that shook the world. Billions felt the pain of loss, insecurity of one's own home and helplessness to name a few. These emotions are a result of our own beliefs like ‘The world is becoming more and more unsafe’. ‘Systems are corrupt or inefficient’. ‘Nature/gods are angry with us.'

Shifting this thought dynamics may look like, “They are strong people, they will endure and come back more effective; I want people to feel safe in their homes and wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep; I love that the world is coming together at times like these; I want the world leadership to take progressive steps to ensure safe living spaces for humanity; I am glad we are coming closer to understanding and honouring nature; I love that my thoughts have power”

Empathy is a tricky ability. If empathy leads to emotional pain, then it's time to be kinder to yourself. If you are often feeling the negative emotions of the people around you, then you are on a negative spiral. So shifting your beliefs to a more optimistic and wiser place as well as amping up your general satisfaction would be beneficial in the long run.


An interesting and cryptic way in which our soul speaks to us is through our night time dreams. During sleep our soul embarks on its learning space in different dimensions and different topics. If you meditate regularly, you may notice that your dreams are becoming more pronounced and realistic.

Our dream symbols are unique to us and have their own meaning which we understand through our careful deciphering and emotions. Often the true and complete meanings of our dreams take years to understand.

Keeping a notebook by your bedside with a pen ready on a fresh page is a good way to record the cryptic clues from your inner dimensional perspective. Your dreams are clearer as soon as you wake up. You can write key words, how you felt at each of these moments and any inferences that you feel at that point of time.

After a few days you'll see that your dreamtime narratives show a clear connection to your waking life circumstances. Over a period of time, you'll learn to understand what your dreams are conveying to you.

Signs and Symbols

The soul speaks to us through symbolism in an attempt to represent the abstract energy in a more meaningful form. As with all the above-mentioned elements, this one too takes practice. As we give meaning to the symbols and signs we see around us, our ability to read the signs around us becomes more proficient.

Signboards, music, bits of conversation, number sequences, feathers, falling leaves and flowers, and external events are manifestations of our thoughts that our higher self wants us to notice. It goes without saying that negative repercussions are a reflection of our negative belief systems and good feeling happenings reflect our positive state of mind. If you are working towards a project or improving on a relationship, taking cues from these signs can help with course correction in terms of rectifying your negative belief system.


Presence, a feeling of something larger than oneself, is a clear indication of our soul space making itself known to our conscious mind. It is an unmistakable feeling that makes one feel wiser and more experienced than one’s age. This may also come with a surge in emotions, and an invitation to scrutinize your belief system. The inner conflicts can sometimes get burdensome that many people take to alcohol, substances and sexual relief. Here again, there is no judgment. As long as you make your shift in awareness and do not get addicted to your coping strategies, you are on an unhindered path of natural growth. A general sense of wellbeing accompanies when our source presents itself to us from within.

Once you taste authentic presence, your search for a deeper sense of existence and spiritual learning starts. You start to tie the loose ends within your mind as well as lay your inner conflicts to rest. Bear in mind that we are not being judged on our journey called life. It's only our own judgments that hang in our heads.

Summing up

Meditation is the single most effective practice to understand the language of our soul. Journal your meditation experiences every day and you will eventually make the correlations between your inner space and your outer reality. As we spend more time with our inner space, we become familiar with the differences in the blend of energy within us. As awareness expands, our understanding of our own nonphysical roots improves beyond what we have known until now. This is a continuous process until we leave this body.

Meditating for about 15-20 minutes a day is sufficient to progressively tune your awareness inward and get to know your soul space better. Once you master the language of your soul, you will find yourself at the right place at the right time, doing the right things and loving your exposure to life. You live the purpose of your life communicating the right words, radiating the right energy because you are receiving your life codes right from the source of life.

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